Domaine de L’Abbaye

The winery project began 30 years back by the family FONTAINE   with the vinification of small batches of grapes to assess the quality potential of the first vineyard plantations and subsequently define the style of the wine.

The project was at the same time completed with the formation of the team. The building of the new winery was then begun in 1980.

Domaine de L’Abbaye was set up with the aim of making high quality, handcrafted wines. To ensure that this aim was achieved, a single approach based on respect was developed and faithfully carried out.

Respect for nature and the living world. Respect for land and vines. Respect for tradition and history, but also for research and development. Respect: always our guideline to wine making.

Today's the domaine was run by Mme FONTAINE , is a woman of boundless spirit and enthusiasm. Having taken over the reins from her late husband, she now leads theDomaine de L’Abbaye  project with the same ambition to produce the highest quality wines.
Mr Pierre Dhoye,  the Technical Director of the group , combines youth, responsibility, energy and leadership qualities. He is a faithful exponent of our philosophy and a passionate believer in the word commitment.
from beginning 2015 Both have continued to develop the project exactly as it was planned from the outset and look to the future with the clear intention of passing on the reins to the next generation.


Vidya Europe SAS  acquired the domaine de l’abbaye in April 2015 as a part of the business expansion and diversification in to agribusiness investments.  Soon vidya Europe got plan to introduce  a programme of investment and improvement which includes planting vineyards, implementing Organic viticulture and sustainable farming.
Domaine de L’Abbaye  understands the importance of preserving, enhancing and protecting the quality of the fruit from our vineyards. Our aim is to achieve balance, elegance and finesse in every wine and completely  uniquely when it comes to the style of our wines, we often seek to make wines that are at once both powerful and elegant. Our philosophy rests on the objective that the world greatest  wines are those made with the almost care and  dedication  moreover the attribution to ‘respect for the fruit’.

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Vidya Europe-M.Prasad -M.Dhoye-Cellar
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